Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living Hope Update

On April 3 Living Hope held a dedication service of the buildings funded by Brentwood Baptist Church through the most recent capital campaign. Here is what our $1.1 million US dollards provided:
- Chapel: this building seats just under 300 people; it will serve as a multi-purpose room, a place for large gatherings, funerals, etc.
- Prevention Centre: this building contains a small chapel, offices and training rooms for the 30 full-time Life Skills Educators that minister to 6,000 children per week. Our own Danielle Schneider trains these Educators.
- A new guardhouse (in South Africa – due to crime – everything is fenced and secured)
- Furnishings for both buildings
- New internal roads, curbing, landscaping, etc.

Also...Check out this link to CNN where Dana Perino discusses Living Hope and talks at length about the very bags (that provide livelihood to HIV-infected persons) that BBC are selling in the Lifeway bookstore at the Connection Center.


And – go to www.livinghope.co.za and click on the Masi Choir link to hear Dan Haseltine from Jars of Clay singing “Lord Bless Africa” backed up by the Masi Choir. This is part of a bigger project spearheaded by our Music and Worship Minister, Dennis Worley!

And lastly, pray for Living Hope – they just received word last month that the new administration in the White House will be cutting their funding to Living Hope by 75% - or $300,000 annually as of October 1. Even so – the dedication service was a celebration and they are confident that God will provide.


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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Habitat for Humanity build in Franklin is underway!

On Saturday, April 4th we had sunny weather and amazing volunteers as we began our first day of construction on the home for Shantha Saragoor. Habitat workers and BBC volunteers worked from 7:30am till 5:30pm. It was such a joy to see the walls go up and to get the framing for the roof on. Shantha worked hard all day and found it hard to believe that it was her house that was being built. The work was hard but the blessings were numerous! Friendships were forged and it was a great time of community.

The next build date is this Saturday, April 18th. Please join us by covering Shantha’s house in prayer and by praying for the BBC volunteer workers as well.

For more information on how YOU can get invloved, visit www.brentwoodmissions.com and click on Service Opportunities and YOU too, can help Shantha build her home!!!


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