Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back from LA, Set Free ROCKS!!!

Myself, Kim Cox, Keely Boggs, and Frederick Reed just got back from a 2 fold purpose trip to Southern California.

The first was that Kairos will be working out there in July, so Keely and Kim were working out logistics and getting the lay of the land and seeing how their ministry works. While there we met Raul who ended up on Skid Row in an Escalade, with a habbit he couldn’t kick, no place to live, and worst of all no hope. He lost everything (his, job, his family, his dignity). On skid row he gave his life to Christ. He then went out to the ranch where he was offered beans and rice and Jesus Christ. Nothing else. No programs. As they say, Jesus in the morning, Jesus at noon, and Jesus in the evening – it is all about Jesus.

Now he is a new creation in Christ.

He has a job, is living in a great group home with brothers who are walking along side him and is giving back to his community – he is no longer a taker. As we were leaving I was able to pull him aside and talk to him about some next steps… I am so excited to tell you that he is now enrolled in Set Free’s Pastor School and will be trained to plant a church of his own. GO GOD!!!

The other reason we went was to begin laying the ground work for Set Free NashVegas! Over the last few months we have been strategizing with the leadership of Set Free to start Tennessee’s first Set Free Church. If all goes as planned, ours will be the first of many Set Free Churches in TN and will also serve as the flagship to the East Coast.

Set Free has identified Pastor Kenny Betzer as the man who will lead the church here. He has planted Set Free Churches before including Atlanta, which is now their biggest hub or network church aside from the “mothership” in California.

Our very own Frederick Reed feels called to be a part of the leadership of this church and will be serving with Pastor Kenny once they are here and on the ground.

Frederick leaves in a couple weeks to do an internship with them so please pray for him as he seeks to serve Christ in places most of us never could.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We had a GREAT, Great Day of Service!!!

Despite the weather, we estimated over 800 people served on Saturday. A few work-sites were altered or rescheduled but everyone’s attitude was awesome.

Below are a few highlights:
A prayer group spent the day at Siloam Health Center; praying for staff and patients.
Over 60 BBC children (along with parents) sang at the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Franklin.
Over 40 from our Hispanic Ministry spent the day at Feed the Children.
At least 7 of our 12 trustees spent the day serving

Read some of the emails we recieved from people who participated in GDOS! These stories are awesome!

We had a very successful day of service at the Spring Hill Fire Station. Everyone showed up and seemed to have a good time. The firefighters had a great time with my kids and the Strother's kids. They showed them the fire trucks and ambulance. We practically had to force them to go eat lunch.

I have attached two pictures of the successful door replacement this Sat. 5/2 at Laverne Holland's home on Glass St. here in Franklin. As it turned out, I knew her from previous work with Habitat for Humanity. Max, Laverne and I (George) are in the picture taken by Keith. She has put in many hours of "sweat equity" and owns one of the early HFH homes here in Franklin. Keith, of Williamson county Community Services, was most accommodating and all was ready for us to start work. I prayed this morning that the rain would hold off long enough for us to accomplish His purpose and He answered! Not a drop while we were working! Isn't He Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted you to know that we had a really great time helping out at the McIver Center today! I went with 3 of my kids, Ryan, Drew and Ellie, and I think they enjoyed helping out as well. Jan was really sweet and easy going. We spent a little over 3 hours there...cleaned 4 rooms and 3 vans...right up my alley with the mess my kids make :) I may follow up and talk to them about volunteering some more in the Fall. They have a lot of kids in the afterschool program...we will see! Stay dry!!!
Thanks, Donna

We had a wonderful morning at Glenview, helping them touch up paint in their cafeteria and in an area where students wait to get picked up in the afternoon. As you can see from the pictures, it was a true family affair. Cara (age 7), Carter (age almost 5) and Emery (age 2 1/2) all helped with the painting. We also donated 5 educational "tinkering" games that we hope they will use in their classrooms. Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful day.

We had a blast today. There were baseboards cleaned, gardens weeded, hedges trimmed, and houses cleaned. There was much more done, but I can't remember all the details of what was done to the other houses for Welcome Home. This is just the ones we worked in on Saturday. Thanks for the opportunity to serve. We had about 10 from the Vicary class, and we had 4 from the Slonecker Class. We could have used 100, but somehow we still got lots done. I was covered in mud, and I totally forgot about taking pictures. I am sooooo sorry. Maybe someone else in the group took pictures.
In Christ,

50 - 60 volunteers showed up in the rain to work on our campus. I can speak for the group who were assigned to the commissary. 12 were led by Cris ( A Kairos volunteer). This group worked like they were going to be paid a fat bonus at the end of the day. Well, if God pays bonuses, they will have a real healthy one in the bank up in heaven. I good barely keep up with them. I'm in my 50's and most of them were in their 20's.
God bless you. And many thanks,

We had a great day helping at Feed the Children today – we packed 1300 boxes! Here are some photos of our activity.

THANKS to Tom Shepard and the Garden Angels for ‘all” the work they did @ my house. What a blessing they were. God does provide. HE is an awesome God.

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