Monday, February 14, 2011

On our way home...

It does not seem possible that the week is over and we will be heading home tomorrow. Today was a blessed day. We served in Red Hill and the staff told us maybe to expect 50 people. We had to cut the line at 102! It was not because we were tired but we had so few glasses left. today we saw people saved, encouraged and every one was prayed for. Your team left knowing that prayer helps and they are returning as prayer warriors! Eternity will not be the same. We will see all our new family again. We have gone forth with tears and are returning with precious fruit. Pray for our safe return and also for the staff at Living Hope as they follow up on so many who need help!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another day in Cape Town!

"If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always (in South Africa)He will satisfy your needs . You will be like a well-watered garden like a spring whose waters never fail" Isaiah 58:10-11 These words became real to us today. After ministering, praying for, and fitting glasses on over 200 people today we returned to the team house well watered and like springs of fresh clean water.
As we finished today one of the young ladies sang to us. She sang "Brighten the corner where you are, where you are". God spoke to us as we realized each of us are called as light to brighten the corners where we live, work and play. Are you brightening your corner?
Thank you for all your prayers and cards of encouragement.

Here is a special note the Missions Office recieved from someone in Masi who worked with this team....

Hi I’m akhona. The mission team that came to south Africa was great. They did a good job and I was part of the people that helped during the eye screening and I can tell you the zeal in their faces shows the love of God and I am so greatful to have met such wonderful people!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday in South Africa!

We cannot believe it is already Wednesday. The greatest fulfillment and joy comes from investing yourself in kingdom service. Today we saw 148 people. The lines were long when we arrived and there was excitement in the air. After we prayed the touching and helping began.Every person who was helped was also prayed for. We even had people from yesterday's clinic come back. Our Muslim brother also came and it was so great to see his smile as he talked with George.One lady looked at me and asked me why we were here. What a joy it was to tell her that the God who created us also loves us and He sent us to tell her that truth. Those of you who made eyeglass cases, those that are praying for us and those who gave so that we could buy nice, new readers are part of the team. You have made it possible for us to minister in safety and freely give out these readers. We are truly laborers together.
Living in close community with the team has really brought out the creativity in a few of us!Chris gives us our assignments each day and there is now a motivation to excel and move up!Today's assignments were:CEO SharonOcular and Spiritual Specialists : Jill Will Amy Shelley CayceStress and Red Blood Cells Specialist: Julie and KelliGlobal Sr. Executive Flow Coordinator: ChrisJR. Jumbo Eye Logistics Coordinator: RockyEnergy Replenishment Manager: ChadMemory Capture Expert: George
We are working hard but along with that there is so much encouragement and laughter. The joy of the Lord IS our strength.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

George told us on Sunday for our devotion time that we came as a team but we were not really bonded as a team yet! well, BBC you should have seen your team minister today! we saw people come to know the Lord, lives changed and people left with physical sight as well as spiritual sight. so many wanted prayer as they shared their pain and needs. others stopped and prayed for us. we were in an area with a mosque and there were people of other faiths who opened up and began to talk with us. One man began to weep as he was told of God's love.the guys on the team got to go with Joey this afternoon to the gardening "tunnels" and put in 700 bags of sawdust to begin the process of planting the cucumbers!god is at work here and we have been able to join Him and change eternity. your team saw 206 patients in about 5 hours of clinic. pray for us as we have 3 more days of clinics. pray specifically that we not miss any God encounters during our time here.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1 in South Africa!

what a day!!! we had our first clinic this afternoon at the clinic in Massi. no one knew what to expect but God did. the lines were formed as we arrived and we began as soon as we put the glasses out. it was amazing to watch the reactions as people realized they were going to get a new pair of glasses before they left. we heard clapping and cheering as the first lady walked out showing her friends her new glasses.What a thrill it was as we passed by the different stations where the team was working and watch them pray with every patient. There were many tears as some of the ladies realized that now they could read their Bibles. all of us were humbled to realize how much we have in comparison to those we served today. the prayers were sweet as we gathered around one lady who did not want to live. Life was just too hard. We called some of our south african sisters to gather around our new friend and as we began to pray for her everyone started praying aloud. I imagined how it must sound to our Father as some were clicking their tongues as they prayed and others were weeping and praying in our own language. the Holy Spirit made intercession and we prayed for Jesus to reveal himself to our sister.
WE Saw 99 patients and prayed with them all! pray for us tomorrow. we want to show the love of Christ to everyone God places in our path.

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First Mission Journey of 2011 to South Africa!!!

The team arrived with all their luggage! it was a good trip and we saw God work in spite of long lines and short layovers.

Sunday was incredible. pr thomass preached about surrender. one of the leaders in the church said that God had brought such conviction about the hurt, battered and lost people that surround us. it made me stop and realize that hurt and lostness surrounds us here in Cape Town and In Brentwood Tn. people need to hear and see the Lord Jesus in all we do and all we say.we have our first eye clinic Monday afternoon. We are prepared and ready to minister with Living Hope. what a privilege it is to crepresent the One who has all the answers to every need we have. our prayeris that we be available and useable!

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