Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brentwood is in Switzerland!!!

We had an amazing first day. The worship team lead in two
worship sessions and later the missionaries shared how blessed they were and
how God spoke to them through the ministry of music. Lincoln and his team had
an awesome time with the youth. The surroundings and the beauty of the Alps
make us stand in awe of our Creator of such beauty.

We had a busy first day with the children. Some speak
Hebrew, some Spanish and some Portuguese! What a challenge. But they are

Tonight we built a bonfire and did s'mores for everyone.
Imagine looking out over the snow caped Alpes eating s'mores! It was a blast.

It is a joy to serve those who have given so much to
share the gospel in far away places. Pray that we stay health and available to
do whatever needs to be done.

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