Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Post...on the Last Day :)

We are sitting in the airport somewhat exhausted from our week. We arrived Friday, July 22 without delay. This team has done an outstanding job navigating cultural challenges and leading the largest VBS since we began our partnership with Clearwater Bay International Baptist Church. Our hosts, Janice Chung & Thomas Schewior mobilized the local volunteers, secured the facilities, and handled the VBS pre registration. This allowed our team to arrive at the facility on Saturday and begin set-up, followed by a smooth start to the VBS on Monday. With many more kids than expected, registration was slightly chaotic, but we solved those logistical problems and the rest of the week was a breeze. We had four children that we know of respond in faith to the gospel, and two unchurched families came to the VBS family service yesterday at CBIBC. An additional jot this year was the ability to provide a coach for the ICM kids to come to VBS as well. This was made possible through the Brentwood Kids' VBS offering received just two weeks ago. To learn more about the ICM ministry see their website here.

Our plane will soon board so this post will be short. When we arrive back in the States, we will update our post with some pictures and other news from the trip. Bottom line, the team was great, the host church was great, and above all God is great.

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Warsaw, Poland — Service in Otwock

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland!

We arrived safely on Friday afternoon to cool tempartures... a welcomed change from the Nashville humidity! We've spent most of the weekend getting acclimated to the area and planning out our upcoming week.

We traveled down to Otwock, a suburb of Warsaw, for church service this morning. There is a growing Baptist Church located there and we were invited to join them for service and a baptism. After a brief time of worship and message, we all loaded up into cars and headed to a section of the Wisla River for baptism. There were 5 young Poles being baptized today. No one on our team had ever attended a river baptism so it was a special treat!

One of the things that struck us was the worshipful atmosphere that was on the banks of the river this morning. People were excited to see new members of their church making a public confession of faith and being obedient to God's word.

(video courtesy of Chelsea Bennett)

There was also a unique moment during the baptism. Some of the church members were standing on a bridge watching the service when some people in the community were walking by. Here in Poland, adult baptisms are very rare so we're sure that it was a curiosty for these folks as they strolled by. We can only pray that it might have raised some questions in their own lives about what this local church is doing in their community.

We returned to the church for some more worship and then had an Agape Lunch (a.k.a potluck!). We enjoyed sitting around the tables sharing a meal and getting to talk with our Polish brothers and sisters in Christ.

Attending church services with the Poles this morning reminded all of us how much God is alive and working in Poland today.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Traveling down the Amazon...

Time seems to fly by when your on a boat travelling on the Amazon!!! There is only one day left then we will be flying home. Please pray specifically that we have the opportunity to use our last 2 days wisely. Pray that God multiplies the glasses and we have just the right prescriptions we need for every person that needs readers. Pray that we have enough vitamins and medications for each person that needs our care. Pray that we have divine encounters that show Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. Pray that we not grow weary in all that is before us. What a comfort it is to know that so many are pray for each one of us and that God’s hands hold us firmly.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazon Team arrives in Manaus!!!

"You are spending a week on a boat on the Amazon???" "You're crazy!". "Wish I could come with you". "Don't get eaten by piranas or anacondas!". When you tell someone you're going to the Amazon there is never is a lack of response. Some think we are crazy, others are so jealous they aren't with us. Our team is a group of 12 people of various ages and backgrounds excited about the journey before us. We signed up for this trip not merely to have an Amazon adventure but because we want to experience another culture, serve others using our gifts and most importantly to have a chance to share the gospel and be involved in God's plan for the nations.
We are working with a local Brazilian church that has a boat ministry to the many village communities along the Amazon River. Please pray for the local church members, our translators as well as our team.

We will be spending 6 nights on a boat. We will be stopping along villages down the Amazon to provide free medical care, medicine and eyeglasses to needy people. We will also get to play with kids and interact with people. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for hearts to be open

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