Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back from LA, Set Free ROCKS!!!

Myself, Kim Cox, Keely Boggs, and Frederick Reed just got back from a 2 fold purpose trip to Southern California.

The first was that Kairos will be working out there in July, so Keely and Kim were working out logistics and getting the lay of the land and seeing how their ministry works. While there we met Raul who ended up on Skid Row in an Escalade, with a habbit he couldn’t kick, no place to live, and worst of all no hope. He lost everything (his, job, his family, his dignity). On skid row he gave his life to Christ. He then went out to the ranch where he was offered beans and rice and Jesus Christ. Nothing else. No programs. As they say, Jesus in the morning, Jesus at noon, and Jesus in the evening – it is all about Jesus.

Now he is a new creation in Christ.

He has a job, is living in a great group home with brothers who are walking along side him and is giving back to his community – he is no longer a taker. As we were leaving I was able to pull him aside and talk to him about some next steps… I am so excited to tell you that he is now enrolled in Set Free’s Pastor School and will be trained to plant a church of his own. GO GOD!!!

The other reason we went was to begin laying the ground work for Set Free NashVegas! Over the last few months we have been strategizing with the leadership of Set Free to start Tennessee’s first Set Free Church. If all goes as planned, ours will be the first of many Set Free Churches in TN and will also serve as the flagship to the East Coast.

Set Free has identified Pastor Kenny Betzer as the man who will lead the church here. He has planted Set Free Churches before including Atlanta, which is now their biggest hub or network church aside from the “mothership” in California.

Our very own Frederick Reed feels called to be a part of the leadership of this church and will be serving with Pastor Kenny once they are here and on the ground.

Frederick leaves in a couple weeks to do an internship with them so please pray for him as he seeks to serve Christ in places most of us never could.



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