Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not So Far From Home

Written by Darlene Abbott

Best Quote So Far
Okay, best quote of the trip so far is from Station Hill's Carl Wayne Meekins.  He and some others were taking a walk yesterday through a nearby village when they spotted a dog.  Carl Wayne shouted, “Man, I am actually seeing a German Shepherd IN GERMANY! That is soooo cool!” (Smile and chuckle). 

Children and Students
Yesterday (Saturday), all the teams finally arrived by about 4 PM. After a great dinner, we met and were naturally given lots of instructions. Today we decorated the rooms for VBS. They look fabulous! Even the bed babies room is decorated.  So far, the Lord has blessed, and as far as I know we have everything we need (except perhaps enough sleep).  

We're turning in soon so we can be raring and ready to go in the morning with worship and VBS.  I am impressed with the number of youth Station Hill's Student Minister, Brother Yancey, is going to have. I’m so excited about the Bible studies that he has planned for them.  After talking to some parents tonight, so are they.  I think it will be exactly what God wants to say to them. Everyone, please pray against spiritual warfare and for hearts and minds to be opened.

The children’s team got to spend about 45 minutes with the kids tonight, so we went ahead and taught portions of a couple of the songs.  The kids not only sounded great, but they picked up the music and motions quickly. (This is in part a testament to the writer, Jeremy Johnson, who is also with us.) I’m looking forward to watching them the rest of the week.

The Missionaries
The missionaries came in today, and we worshipped with them tonight. It is wonderful to see Christians so hungry for fellowship, for the Word, and for worship. For many of the M’s this is a rare opportunity to worship in their native tongue. In West Germany many of the locals speak English.  Here in Oberwiesenthal, a part of  former East Germany, it is different. This area was once behind the Berlin Wall before it fell.  So it isn't quite as developed commercially, and English is rarely spoken.  It is, however, absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  The village is picturesque – a town square, little shops, and cobblestone streets.

I was privileged to spend time with a couple of M’s this evening, listening to how God brought them to a foreign land. These families are in places so different than life in the states. The culture is raw to Christianity. One M shared they are considered a cult where they live.  As they talked about their challenges, I was so convicted about how little I have prayed for them. I was challenged to get from the M’s specific prayer requests of their needs and situations.  They really are on the front lines. 

Not So Far From Home
I was also dumbstruck at how similar some of our situations are.  In southern Williamson County we know that 85% of the people are not even looking for a church.  One M shared that in their area 85% of the people claim other religions or are not looking for a God at all. They are too occupied or content with their wealth. Sound familiar?  Another M shared about their work with the poor. Jesus said, “The poor will be with you always.” That is true all over the world.

There are real needs in the hearts and lives of these M’s. Please be praying that God will speak and that we will listen as we minister to them this week.  Many of them won’t return to a place where they can just go to church on Sunday to receive more encouragement after a rough week. Many of them won’t have neighbors or friends to hug their necks and tell them they will continue to pray for them when they get home.  Our prayers for them are serious business.  

More to Come
Brentwood Baptist Missions Minister, Scott Harris, will speak tomorrow, with Station Hill Pastor Jay Strother already having delivered two devotionals plus sermons to come.  Last night, in the second of these devotions, Jay flat out gave a mini sermon.  It was great! God wants to love on his missionaries this week, and he has chosen us. After meeting the M’s, I am completely humbled by this realization. And to think I honestly wasn't very excited about this trip when my husband first mentioned it to me.  I’m so glad God turned my heart around. I can’t wait for you to hear what happens after the first day tomorrow.  Someone else will be blogging tomorrow, so stay tuned.

In His Hands,

Darlene Abbott


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