Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are in INDIA!!!

We saw 45 patients and pulled 12 teeth today. You could see the uncertainty in the eyes of some of the people who came in. Fear of the dentist is universal! Today Dr. Larry saw a young lady named Rajena. She came in the room and sat down. Her husband was beside her and explained to Larry that she has suffered with tooth pain for 2 years. When Larry looked in her mouth one of her molars was split in half. 20 minutes later she said she felt relief for the first time in a long time!

The Sunday night service was incredible. The music, preaching, and fellowship. As I was walking down the aisle leaving the church, a man took my hand and was pointing to his eyes! I looked and saw a pair of glasses the eye team had dispenced a few months ago. He was smiling and saying thank you over and over. On Monday he was one of the first in line to have a tooth pulled. As he left the dental clinic he said over and over thank you. How happy it makes us feel when someone says thank you. I thought how much our heavenly Father longs to hear the words Thank You as well.

Tuesday's numbers
32 patients
23 teeth pulled.

Pray for us!
Sharon Fairchild


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