Monday, August 3, 2009

Safe arrival in Warsaw, Poland

We arrived safely in Warsaw, Poland this afternoon at 12:30pm local time (5:30am Nashville time). We were very blessed as none of our flights were delayed enabling us to have plenty of time between flights to take our time and get to our gates, as opposed to the last 2 years when we ran around like crazy people just trying to get on our plane before it left the gate. Additionally, all of our luggage also made it safely and on time. There were two other mission teams on our flight from Charlotte to Munich, Germany making our flight a very desirable one to be on, considering the amount of prayers that had been prayed for all of our safety. Both of the other teams were headed to Romania - one building a chapel and the other doing vacation bible school

We arrived to our hotel around 2:15 and all got unpacked and showered before we went to the mall and ate dinner. From there we walked around to some of the historical spots in Warsaw -the Umslagplats where the majority of the Jews from the Warsaw ghetto boarded the train headed to the Treblinka death camp and the Monument for the Jewish Ghetto Uprising. We also went by First Baptist Church of Warsaw and then ended the night in typical fashion with a few cold tasty scoops of lody (ice cream).

Besides being exhausted from sleep deprivation all of us are doing well. I imagine we will all be in bed before 9:00 as we can barely keep our eyes open. Please pray that we all sleep well tonight and get caught up on some of the hours we missed from being on the plane. Also, pray that our bodies adjust to the time change and we are ready to do the work the Lord has called us to.

Z Bogiem (Go with God)

Team Poland


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