Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday August 1 - in Poland

Thank you God for sleep! Its amazing what a good nights rest can do. After a long first day we all slept very well and feel much better.

The first thing we did today, after breakfast, was team orientation with Susan Carson and the rest of Team Warsaw. Susan spent the time telling us about the city of Warsaw and some of the do's and dont's for the week. We went over the goals of her team and the actions they are taking to reach those goals. They strongly believe in many of the things we are learning at BBC in regards to relational evangelism and meeting people where they are in their journey with God, no matter where they may be in that progression. It was great to see her heart for the people of Warsaw and the country of Poland. Please pray for us during our time here that God will use us to reach new people who are seeking to grow in their understanding of Him and the salvation offered to us through Jesus.

After orientation we went to the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising. For those of you who are not well learned in Polish history, on August 1, 1944 the underground Polish army in Warsaw revolted against the Nazi captives who had held the city captive since September of 1939. Though the effort to overthrow the Nazi's was eventually put down, the entire city of Warsaw leveled, and many soldiers as well as civilians dying, the Polish people celebrate this day as a major historical day for the country. Being that today was the 65th anniversary of the start of the Uprising, there were many people at the Museum and at 5:00pm they held a moment of silence in honor of those who died during the fighting. So it was pretty neat to be here today of all days.

Again we are very thankful that we were rested enough to enjoy the day and not get too tired. Thank you again for your continued prayer support!

Z Bogeim (Go with God),

Isaiah 52:11-12


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