Monday, September 28, 2009



First day of VBS and Construction is complete and it was AWESOME! The VBS crew divided up in our teams this morning and went off to each of our townships. The construction team continued their improvements and new additions at the facilities of Living Way. We concluded our evening with a well deserved South African meal and a relaxing time of fellowship as we shared our daily experiences and also shared with the group how God called all of us in His own special way for this journey. God revealed incredible things to all of us today. It is amazing the joy expressed by the kids and families considering the poverty they endure every day. We all were encouraged and blown away by the Life Skill Educators (with Living Hope)we are working with. Each and everyone of these young men and women are truly a blessing to these kids and their families and we all should praise God for these remarkable leaders. Please contiuing praying for everyone involved with this journey asking Him to continuing leading us. Praise God!


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