Sunday, September 26, 2010


More greetings from the South Africa team! The last few days we have been fortunate to have seen more of this beautiful country.

Sunday, we were able to visit Pastor John Thomas' church King of Kings (formerly Fish Hoek Baptist Church). It was a wonderful service and believe me, we all needed it!

Yesterday and today we visited the 5 townships we will be working in this week. For most of us, this was unlike anything we had ever encountered before. The mood of our team was at best somber. There are really no words to describe the extreme poverty these people live in. You absolutely cannot see what we have seen and not be changed.

Tomorrow starts our week of VBS (or holiday club as it's called here) which is what we are here to do. We ask that you continue in your prayers for us this week. Here are a few ways you can pray specifically:

  • The children and families of the 5 townships: Masi, Capricorn, Ocean View, Overcome Heights and Red Hill. Pray for the children to come and for them to be receptive to the Word we are going to deliver.
  • Peace for our team: We have experienced so much already. We are nervous, anxious, excited and sometimes fearful. Pray for us to feels God's peace over us as we serve Him.
  • The Life Skills Educators (LSEs) we will be assisting: These folks have given their lives to serve before we came and will continue to do so after we leave. Pray for them as they give unselfishly to God and the sweet children in their townships.
  • Good weather: I know this might seem like an unusual request, but bad weather hinders so much here. If it's rainy and/or cold (like it was today), the children won't come and those that do will be in a very cramped inside space. Pray that the weather will be beautiful so the kids can spend some time outside.

On behalf of each member of this team, I thank you for you continued prayer support. It is much needed and truly felt by every one of us.


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