Saturday, September 25, 2010

South Africa 2010!

Hello from South Africa!
Our team arrived in Cape Town safely late Thursday night. It was a long, but uneventful trip (for some of us!) but we were very glad to get off that plane!
There are 17 of us on this trip and each of us wants to thank those of you who have been praying for us. This journey is just beginning, so keep those prayers coming!
After our arrival and getting just a few hours of sleep, the team spend the day Friday preparing for VBS with the Life Skills Educators at Living Hope. These LSEs commit their days to teaching the children in the townships life skills. The reason we are here is to introduce the children to Saddle Ridge Ranch and God!
Our training session started with a beautiful time of worship. Words can't describe the sound of the South African and American voices raised together to praise the God of the universe. It was a truly emotional experience for several of us. I kept imagining how God must love to hear the praise of His people.

Taylor playing the guitar for our time of worship

There was fun to be had as well. There was an icebreaking activity. I know it looks like they are all hypeventilating, but they were really clearing away the "hay" in their bags to get to the memory verse at the bottom (those familiar with Saddle Ridge Ranch will understand this reference).

After the games and training, we had a wonderful braai (National Braai Day is September 24 in South Africa) for lunch and then broke up into our groups to prepare for VBS on Monday.

Sarah with two OceanView LSEs

After a long day of training, the team arrived back at The Team House to do a little sightseeing right in our own backyard. South Africa is a beautiful place. God really outdid Himself, don't yout think?

Matthew "on top of the world!"

Saturday will be spent getting familiar with the rest of South Africa including a few of the townships we will be working in during the week.

L-R front: Sandra, Melanie, Jaina, Donna, Casey, Jennie, Jennifer, L-R back: Sandra, Beth, Joy, Elaine, AmyL-R: Matthew, Dustin, Jonah

As a team, we covet your prayers. We all miss our friends and families but we know God has a job for us to do here. Continue to pray for us as we are obedient to what God has called us here to do.


PS. Please excuse the horrible spacing. Blogger has a mind of it's own!


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