Sunday, July 31, 2011

Warsaw, Poland — Service in Otwock

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland!

We arrived safely on Friday afternoon to cool tempartures... a welcomed change from the Nashville humidity! We've spent most of the weekend getting acclimated to the area and planning out our upcoming week.

We traveled down to Otwock, a suburb of Warsaw, for church service this morning. There is a growing Baptist Church located there and we were invited to join them for service and a baptism. After a brief time of worship and message, we all loaded up into cars and headed to a section of the Wisla River for baptism. There were 5 young Poles being baptized today. No one on our team had ever attended a river baptism so it was a special treat!

One of the things that struck us was the worshipful atmosphere that was on the banks of the river this morning. People were excited to see new members of their church making a public confession of faith and being obedient to God's word.

(video courtesy of Chelsea Bennett)

There was also a unique moment during the baptism. Some of the church members were standing on a bridge watching the service when some people in the community were walking by. Here in Poland, adult baptisms are very rare so we're sure that it was a curiosty for these folks as they strolled by. We can only pray that it might have raised some questions in their own lives about what this local church is doing in their community.

We returned to the church for some more worship and then had an Agape Lunch (a.k.a potluck!). We enjoyed sitting around the tables sharing a meal and getting to talk with our Polish brothers and sisters in Christ.

Attending church services with the Poles this morning reminded all of us how much God is alive and working in Poland today.


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