Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazon Team arrives in Manaus!!!

"You are spending a week on a boat on the Amazon???" "You're crazy!". "Wish I could come with you". "Don't get eaten by piranas or anacondas!". When you tell someone you're going to the Amazon there is never is a lack of response. Some think we are crazy, others are so jealous they aren't with us. Our team is a group of 12 people of various ages and backgrounds excited about the journey before us. We signed up for this trip not merely to have an Amazon adventure but because we want to experience another culture, serve others using our gifts and most importantly to have a chance to share the gospel and be involved in God's plan for the nations.
We are working with a local Brazilian church that has a boat ministry to the many village communities along the Amazon River. Please pray for the local church members, our translators as well as our team.

We will be spending 6 nights on a boat. We will be stopping along villages down the Amazon to provide free medical care, medicine and eyeglasses to needy people. We will also get to play with kids and interact with people. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for hearts to be open


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