Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cape Town, South Africa: Day 1

Words can't really explain what we're experiencing right now (especially the first-timers), so I'm going to let pictures and videos do some of the talking today.

This place is beauty mixed with brokenness, majesty mixed with mayhem. It's quite possibly one of the most spectacular places on earth. But the poverty and corruption is severe and people are desperate for hope.

It feels good to know we've been obedient to God's call to come to bring some of them Good News about Jesus and what He did so they can have a new life. No, this is great news. No, even better—FANTASTIC, life-giving news. Can you imagine what this might mean to them?

Today was all about getting to know our Hope for the World Missions Offering partner Living Hope, encouraging a few of our missionaries (Amy Helms, Danielle Schneider, and Joey, Courtney, Briley, Braxton, Barron, and Bristol Lankford), resting, and preparing for the week ahead.

We first visited King of Kings Baptist Church where our good friend, and Living Hope founder, John Thomas is pastor. You may know him from the times he's visited Brentwood Baptist and spoke to us. In our opinion, he's a rock star for the kingdom.

After King of Kings, we went to our second worship service in Masiphumelele (or Masi for short), a township in Cape Town. Masiphumelele Baptist Church was planted by King of Kings in the area specifically to reach the crime-infused, wrecked neighborhood.

The service changed our lives. It's always amazing to see other brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who worship in such a different style than we do—and in a different language. It never gets old.

After Masi, our team went to lunch at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek Farm Village with our missionaries and then spent the rest of the day neck-deep in conversation with them—hearing updates on their work here—and practicing for our eye glass fittings and blood pressure tests.

Tonight (because it's now 11:00 p.m. where we are), during our devotional time, led by George and Julie West, we went around the room and talked about what it means to deny everything in your life to be a disciple of Christ (from Luke 14-ish). Folks, let me just say: This crowd gets it. Christ is all. And to hear our missionaries hearts for reaching the lost and forsaking all for Jesus was inspiring.

Please pray specifically as we minister to the residents of Red Hill tomorrow (Monday). This is a great team we've got going on. This is going to be a good week. Can't wait to tell you more tomorrow.

P.S. Below you can watch some of the videos I took today...

Cape Town

Masiphumelele Baptist Church

Bristol Lankford bringing a little Mike Glenn action to South Africa (with some help from her dad). Our pastor would be so proud.

Briley and Bristol Lankford showing off their talent to us—South Africa-style.


Casey said...

This just gave me chills - especially the video of the church at Masi. I miss it so much. Praying for you guys!

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