Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cape Town, South Africa: Day 5

Today, we went to Ocean View, a township of 30-40,000 people living within three square miles near the fishing village of Kommetjie. We offered the eye clinic at their local multipurpose building and gobs of people showed up.

Here's your Ocean View history lesson for the day.

Most of the coloured Afrikaan residents we met were forcibly removed to this area from their homes in Simon's Town in 1968 under Apartheid. You're probably cringing right now because I just called them "coloured" (especially if you're in the American South). But, in truth, they'd be offended if I called them any other thing. They're an extremely proud of their ancestry and heritage.

You would't believe it was a township if you drove through. The houses are much nicer and more developed than most of the other townships. However, it's riddled with crime. It holds the highest drug use per person in all of South Africa (especially known for "tik," the South African term for methamphetamine). That, in turn, brings about gangs, prostitution, sex trafficking, and violence.

They've got a big sin problem on their hands. Huge. Gigantic. But Living Hope has noticed a strong Christian presence growing in their community. And here's the kicker: Afrikaans are passionate by nature, so when they become believers and go all in, they're ALL in. That's GREAT news!

Sharon brought this blanket home from the States, fell in love with this baby (who's with his grandpa in this picture), and gave it away to him.

Look who showed up to help! Our Brentwood Baptist missionaries and Living Hope reps.

Once we left Ocean View, we literally drove out of the area and across the street to a beautiful restaurant at Imhoff Farms. That's what blows my mind. Poverty and wealth can literally be separated by a piece of pavement. Chew on that for a minute. It's definitely been hard for us to wrap our heads around.

After lunch, the team went to Living Way to shop and browse through the local business and entrepreneurial initiatives. We were able to support some of the program's finest.

Then, we broke for some to go to Joey and Courtney Lankford's house while others of us went to visit the Kids Club in Masiphumelele at Masi Baptist Church.
After we got back to The Team House, we planned a large family-style dinner with our team and the missionaries.

Whew. Productive day. The end.


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