Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bologna, Italy Day 1

Well we have made it to the end of day one in Italy. It is strange to think that it is only about 3 PM in Nashville while I am writing this. However, for our team it is the end of two long days of travel and our introduction to Bologna. We arrived at, for us, 4:10 AM Saturday morning. It was 11:10 local time. David an Jesse (The head of CRU in Bologna) met us at the airport and got us to where we would be staying. After a brief reprieve we set out with David to get lunch. I can't remember what exactly we had but it was a traditional regional Panini with prosciutto, arugula and a regional cheese. We then headed into the heart of the city for a brief tour, which included the Piazza Maggiore, the University district and the place where David has his ministry. While we were in the city center we ran into Anna, Juliana, and Bruno who are Italian Christians who David knows and works with. This was a really unexpected but exciting part of our first day. After a really great meal, lasagna by Nicole Hannah, we topped it off with some gelato. As I finish writing this there is an air of excitement amongst the whole team as well as David and Nicole. We are all hoping to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow morning we will experience worship and preaching in Italian. More to come tomorrow. God Bless! ~Forrest


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