Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bologna, Italy Day 2

Day 2 here in Bologna was another exciting adventure. David led us to their church which is actually held in a car wash building. God has blessed them as they are about to celebrate 25 years as a church. The Italian believers reminded us of a family as they greeted and spoke with everyone. The worship was outstanding and we saw the desire in the hearts of Italians for Christ. We recognized the songs they sang in worship: "Io M'arrendo a Lui" or "I surrender all", "Santo Santo Dio Onnipotente" or "Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty", and "No Mi Lascerai Mai" or "You Never Let Go". It was a great time of worship even for us who don't speak Italian. During the message, we had a friend, Paulo (sorry if I misspelled that), who sat with us and translated the sermon into English. The preacher, Gian Luca, called for believers to stay strong in Christ because without Him, we cannot succeed for the bettering of His Kingdom. After the worship service and lunch we took a bus tour of Bologna to get a better sense of the city and its history. After the tour and returning to our homestead for the week we were given free time to do dinner on our own. We decided to venture out and found a nice little restaurant, Ristorente Pizzeria. We carefully tried to select dishes from an Italian menu, as they did not have any in English, nor did our waiter speak any. During dinner, which was fabulous, we discussed plans for the next day. I will type on this more in tomorrow's blog, but to prepare you and to ask for your prayers, we are serving a luncheon for some ladies who have expressed interest in the Bible. This is with a new ministry in Bologna, "Vite Tranformate", "Transformed Lives", a ministry to prostitutes in the local area. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your continuing prayers! We have a full schedule for this week and I hope you will stay posted by this blog and continue to pray for our outreach and the Hannahs'. Thank you and God Bless ~ Matthew

    Worship at Nuova Vita (New Life)

    Left to right: Forrest, Kim, Paulo, Alissa, Matthew

   City of Bologna


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