Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Amazing First Day in Cape Town

How do I even begin to describe the beauty of this place or the amazing day we have had? We were able to worship in two church services today and both were amazing as we saw the body of Christ, vastly different in language, color and culture, but all worshiping the Lord.  Common Ground is an English speaking church where some of our BBC missionaries attend. The pastor preached on "How God Guides", talking about how God guides us through wisdom.  In our decisions He doesn't decide for us but gives us wisdom to decide.  It was such a powerful message and all of us walked out of there just blown away of how God spoke to each of us.  

From there we drove 5 mins down the road to a church in one of the townships (like a favela or slum).  They worshiped in Xhosa (an African tribal language) and we did not need to understand their words to know that they were praising a God they loved! The joy and the adoration was all over their faces and in the way they sang and danced.  During the offering they lined up in the back of the church and sang and danced their way down the aisle to drop their tithe in a basket in the front - what a visual of what true giving should be like.  Do we joyfully offer our money, our time and our talents to God?
This city is beautiful!!!  The mountains and the ocean are breathtaking! The team house we are staying in happens to be overlooking the beach.  We had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with some of our church 's missionaries to Cape Town and just taking in the beauty of this place!  We are getting ready to eat dinner and then have a team meeting to plan for the week.  Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to pray for us this week!


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