Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back from South Africa

After another long trip we are back home from Cape Town.  We made it back safely with all our bags! We are tired and jet-lagged and spent from giving of ourselves this week but what an awesome journey!!  What a beautiful city Cape Town truly is!  On the last afternoon we were able to do a little sightseeing and were all blown away at the beauty and magnificence of the mountains and the oceans.  It is definitely a city to put at the top of your list to visit!  Amidst all this beauty lies so much poverty and suffering.  One minute our heart is in awe at the beauty that God created and the next our heart is breaking for someone who has HIV and no food to eat.  Living Hope is a great ministry God is really using to help so many hurting people in Cape Town. We were blessed to meet the many people that are a part of that ministry and to work alongside them this past week.  We are thankful to God for this experience.  And now as we are returning home, we know that our journey is not over.  Our week in Cape Town was one chapter in the book of our lives and it was one amazing chapter.  But come Monday morning we are still on mission with God.  We may not be giving out eye glasses or washing feet but we know God has a plan for us right here and wants to use us for His glory.  We greatly appreciate all the prayers this week and we ask for continued prayers for each of us as we continue to follow God on this next chapter of our journey!


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