Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday in South Africa!

We cannot believe it is already Wednesday. The greatest fulfillment and joy comes from investing yourself in kingdom service. Today we saw 148 people. The lines were long when we arrived and there was excitement in the air. After we prayed the touching and helping began.Every person who was helped was also prayed for. We even had people from yesterday's clinic come back. Our Muslim brother also came and it was so great to see his smile as he talked with George.One lady looked at me and asked me why we were here. What a joy it was to tell her that the God who created us also loves us and He sent us to tell her that truth. Those of you who made eyeglass cases, those that are praying for us and those who gave so that we could buy nice, new readers are part of the team. You have made it possible for us to minister in safety and freely give out these readers. We are truly laborers together.
Living in close community with the team has really brought out the creativity in a few of us!Chris gives us our assignments each day and there is now a motivation to excel and move up!Today's assignments were:CEO SharonOcular and Spiritual Specialists : Jill Will Amy Shelley CayceStress and Red Blood Cells Specialist: Julie and KelliGlobal Sr. Executive Flow Coordinator: ChrisJR. Jumbo Eye Logistics Coordinator: RockyEnergy Replenishment Manager: ChadMemory Capture Expert: George
We are working hard but along with that there is so much encouragement and laughter. The joy of the Lord IS our strength.


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