Tuesday, February 8, 2011

George told us on Sunday for our devotion time that we came as a team but we were not really bonded as a team yet! well, BBC you should have seen your team minister today! we saw people come to know the Lord, lives changed and people left with physical sight as well as spiritual sight. so many wanted prayer as they shared their pain and needs. others stopped and prayed for us. we were in an area with a mosque and there were people of other faiths who opened up and began to talk with us. One man began to weep as he was told of God's love.the guys on the team got to go with Joey this afternoon to the gardening "tunnels" and put in 700 bags of sawdust to begin the process of planting the cucumbers!god is at work here and we have been able to join Him and change eternity. your team saw 206 patients in about 5 hours of clinic. pray for us as we have 3 more days of clinics. pray specifically that we not miss any God encounters during our time here.


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