Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1 in South Africa!

what a day!!! we had our first clinic this afternoon at the clinic in Massi. no one knew what to expect but God did. the lines were formed as we arrived and we began as soon as we put the glasses out. it was amazing to watch the reactions as people realized they were going to get a new pair of glasses before they left. we heard clapping and cheering as the first lady walked out showing her friends her new glasses.What a thrill it was as we passed by the different stations where the team was working and watch them pray with every patient. There were many tears as some of the ladies realized that now they could read their Bibles. all of us were humbled to realize how much we have in comparison to those we served today. the prayers were sweet as we gathered around one lady who did not want to live. Life was just too hard. We called some of our south african sisters to gather around our new friend and as we began to pray for her everyone started praying aloud. I imagined how it must sound to our Father as some were clicking their tongues as they prayed and others were weeping and praying in our own language. the Holy Spirit made intercession and we prayed for Jesus to reveal himself to our sister.
WE Saw 99 patients and prayed with them all! pray for us tomorrow. we want to show the love of Christ to everyone God places in our path.


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