Monday, June 10, 2013

Clinic Day 1

The Lord was so good to us on our first day of clinic. We started the
day off early on the bus at 7 am.  We sang songs of praise and
worship on our way! As soon as we arrived we set up the different
stations: the pharmacy, eye station, dental, medical, and evangelism.
We had a prayer and devotional with the Quintanilha church members,
interpreters, and BBC team members. Then it was time to head to our
areas to get ready to share the love of Jesus with the people of

We met with so many special people today at the clinic, one was a 77
year old man who asked Jesus to be his personal savior for the first
time today. Another man was so touched  from the gospel shared by one
of the "newbie" teammates and how she resembled his daughter. He also
made the life changing decision to ask Jesus into his heart. There
were also 25 other Brazilians that accepted Christ. Many already had a 

relationship with him, and were able to share their prayer requests with 
the other team members.

Here are the number of people we ministered to today:
Medical clinic-65
Pharmacy-150 prescriptions
Evangelism-27 decisions for Christ

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Looking forward to what
God will continue to do in the hearts of the Brazillian people these
next few days at clinic. Keep praying!!


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