Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Terrific Tuesday - Clinic Day 2

A great second day of clinic! We thank you for all your prayers and we want you to know that God is working here in Rio de Janeiro.  Here are just two stories of the almost 200 people that came through clinic today...

Today one of the people from yesterday that was prayed over at the eye
clinic returned to let her team member that prayed over her know that
her prayer was answered. Yesterday she said her daughter had left her
and leaving her to take care of the grandchildren. She was staying
with her boyfriend who was very bad to her, mean and abusive. So we
prayed over her that the daughter would be safe and return home. Today
the daughter returned home to the mother!! What a true answered prayer
from God!

Today a man around the age of 40 came to the eye clinic. He was a
believer but he had strayed from God. His wife had left him because he
was doing drugs and drinking. He said he didn't think God could
forgive him. I told him that Jesus loved him and he died on the cross
for all his sins. Then I went on to say that there is nothing you can
do for God to stop loving you. I prayed with him and told him that God
loved him and that he will never forsake him. Tears were falling down
his face as we were praying. It is truly amazing that such simple
words can bring so much comfort to a person in need.

Numbers aren't what are important, but the people they represent are important indeed.  Our team worked hard today!  We praise God for all that He did! Eyes-82, Clinic - 76, Pharmacy - 167 prescriptions, Fluoride - 36, Decisions - 35.  


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