Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Clinic Day 3

Today was filled with many "God Encounters".  Here are just a couple of the stories...

From the dental clinic:
         My God encounter has been with my interpreter, Roberta.  Before I came to Rio I asked God to show me how to be a better witness for Him in the little time I had with each child. She came to the clinic on Monday, not hired to translate but to volunteer, as she recently lost her job. She stepped in as my interpreter in the dental clinic and the blessing began.  She loves children, never left my side for a minute and anticipated what I needed even before I asked for it. I was blessed not only with a translator but a wonderful assistant and friend!  To God be the glory!

From the eye clinic: 
       Today my interpreter could not come, so we decided I would use the time taking pictures.  Just as we were starting, someone brought Sintique, an interpreter, to me & said she was available only for the morning.  Turns out Sintique is the daughter of my Monday interpreter!  We got along great & the morning flew by.  Our last patient was a young, handsome Brazilian named Bruno.  He was a Christian, & we quickly fitted him with glasses.  I then asked how I could pray for him.  He quickly responded that he needed a job.  He is married & has 2 young sons.  I then asked him what kind of job he was looking for.  He replied, "Security."  Sintique & Bruno had a short, lively conversation.  She told me that the company she works for has two positions open in Security!!  I prayed for him with a sense of amazement & awe at God's timing.  She gave him her contact information.  God knew that Bruno needed help with finding a job more than he needed glasses.  God knew Sintique was only coming on Wednesday morning & he directed Bruno to come on Wednesday morning!  Bruno could have been directed to one of four eye stations, but God directed him to my station with Sintique!
When Bruno left, I looked at Sintique with a look of astonishment, & I said, "we just witnessed a miracle!"  She told me over lunch that she had to get up at 4:30am & ride for 2 hours to get to our hotel  leaving immediately to go to her regular job from 2:30-10:30 pm.  She had pondered whether she should come or why she should today for just a short time.  NOW we know why she was supposed to come!!!!  She & I got to watch God in unbelievable action as He worked His miracle.  It wasn't what we thought might happen...a conversion experience or an eyesight was a job possibility for a young husband & father!!

God is moving here and we are blessed to be a part of it!!


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