Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 2: Team in ITALY!!!

This morning we all met up with David and took a train to Molinella. We met up with the Andy And Linda Brucato, who are doing a church plant their and went on a prayer walk around the city. Shay and Marsha had a great experience when they met a lady from Kenya and her baby. After briefly speaking with her she learned of our purpose for being their and said that she had been praying to meet some Christians and find a church. It was truly a divine appointment. It turns out that she is a gospel singer on top of everything else. David was with them and was able to inform her where the church was meeting. It is amazing that while we were praying for God to bring people to us this woman was praying for God to send people to her. He is a great and mighty God!

After our prayer walk we met with Amilliano and Maria, two Italian Christians. Amilliano gave his testimony, which was an amazing story, as Linda translated for us.. He is a security guard at a prison and raised Catholic. But his life had been going down hill for some time. There was trouble in his marriage and at work, and he was feeling deeply unfulfilled in life. As is often the case, he looked for fulfillment in the things of this world, in a nightlife and also political pursuits. All this time, however, he had been talking with and developing a relationship with Maria on his way to work as they traveled on the same train each morning. She, being a born again Christian, baffled Amilliano with the way she spoke of God and her faith. Amilliano, who considered himself quite learned in history, religion and even the Bible was left speechless. It was at this time that he was really feeling the vanity of his pursuits that he began to ask her questions and seek. She directed him to Andy and Linda and tearfully he came to saving faith. Since that time a change has been noticed at the prison where he works and he has help lead seven inmates to Christ. It is amazing to see God at work and changing lives.

After returning to Bologna, David took us for gelato (Italian Ice cream), which is worth all the fuss. We then met up with Jesse, Linda Ambrus and Cody, who are here with Campus Crusade. They told us about their ministry and the work they were doing at the University of Bologna. It is a relatively new ministry area. What they are doing is using a survey that utilizes pictures and a survey to open doors into spiritual conversations. But, though students are generally open to the survey, it is still hard work. And evangelism occurs on a very relational basis and takes a great deal of time and effort, but, even today, David attended a Birthday party of a student named Zach, who invited him. He is an Atheist, but it appears that cracks are forming in the door to his heart.

It was a great first full day for us, we woke up refreshed, but are going to bed quite tired. Tomorrow we will have our first prayer walk in Bologna in the morning, and we hope to meet up with Suora Idana, who is a nun who was saved after serving the Catholic Church for 40 years. Thank you all for your continued prayers! God is hear with us and we are seeing him at work!


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