Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pouring Cement!

It is 11 pm here in Rio and we just got back to the hotel. We are totally exhausted but so very happy. Words cannot express how incredible today was for all of us.
We arrived at the Colony about 8 am and about 8:30 the loads of fillin dirt and the good soil arrived. We hauled over 200 hundred wheel barrels of dirt!!
Then we were able to plant all the grass. Everyone pitched in to get the forms prepared for the cement truck which was scheduled to arrive at 2pm.
Well at 3pm I called the cement company and they said they could only send the cement truck but the pumping truck would not be able to come.
I almost sat down and cried. There was no way we could haul wheel barrels of cement for 8 cubic metros. We all began to pray and Jadson, our van driver, said,"Sharon, can I help you?"
He took my phone and began to call places that rent pumping trucks.
There was none available, so at 5pm we got in the van to return to the hotel. About 10 minutes into the ride back Jadson received a call from a man called Marcos. He said if we would return they would bring their pumping truck.
Everyone said "Praise the Lord turn the van around". At 8 pm the cement truck and the pumping truck arrived.Was a joyous 2 hours we had as we praised the Lord for His provisions.
The men on the trucks even help us set the benches and concrete chairs and cemented them down so noone could move them.
We prayed for no rain and the sun was out all day, we prayed for the dirt and it came, and finally the miracle God preformed through Jadson. Remember, he is not a believer but Sunday morning he came into the worship service with us and went forward to dedicate himself and his family.
while we waited for the trucks Brenda and Mildred brought the devotional. They talked about the importance of the family of God and how we all fit together into a beautiful picture being painted by our Heavenly Father. How very important each of us are in our Fathers eyes and how important we are to each other.
The work was hard today and we are very tired but so very aware the all we needed today, God provided.


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