Monday, May 9, 2011

Last day in ITALY!

Our last day in Italy was a bit of a treat. We traveled with David and Nicole to Florence along with Mark Brucato who is the Son of Andy and Linda Brucato who have been long time missionaries here. He is very knowledgeable about church history and reformation history. So he gave us a very unique tour of Florence. We focused on four words, Bible, Witness, Faith and Trial stopping at the Duomo and other significant sites around Florence. He highlighted for us the big differences between Catholic theology and the theology of the reformation movement, to which we owe our religious lineage to, and how people have died for the truth of the Gospel here. It was an excellent capstone to our time here and really magnified both the need that is here for God and the Hope of the work he has done and is continuing to do here.

After we returned from Florence we had an opportunity to get together with David and do a debriefing on the trip, our observations and so on. David had two main goals for us here. One was that we would bathe the people, streets, cafes, markets and university here with prayer. The other was that our hearts would be burdened for the people of Bologna and Italy. Both objectives were met. All of us will return changed. There are so many people here who never have God cross there mind on a day to day basis. We have prayed and will continue to pray that that reality changes significantly for many many people here. We also had the privilege to minister to, encourage and love on David, Nicole and Ruby. It has strengthened them, and they are deeply grateful for us and for Brentwood Baptist Church.

As we are all packing up and getting ready for our early flight out tomorrow morning we leave with deep sense of gratitude, gratitude for God allowing us to come on this journey and see the amazing beauty of Bologna, gratitude also that the people here and their need for Christ has deeply touched us. We cannot, and we must not leave unchanged by what we have seen and heard here. Truly, miracles are needed here to open doors, soften hearts, cross bridges and so on. Thankfully for us, our God is in the business of such miracles, and our God is a God who saves.

Thank you all for your love and support for us and your continued love and support for the Hannah's


David said...

we were blessed by having all of you here. thanks to each person that came and everyone at BBC that helped. We are able to be here only because you enable us to be. we love you all.

-david for the family.

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