Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 4: Prayers for ITALY!

Saturday morning we all met at our central location and split up into groups of two to walk the streets and pray for the people, shops and churches we encountered. One that Nicole mentioned to us is how heartbreaking it is to think about the tens of thousands of students that fill the lecture and libraries and that most of them has never had a parent pray for them. That is what we came to do. Prayer is powerful, and there is no telling what seeds have been sown along these ancient streets.

Sunday was quite amazing. We had the opportunity to go to Nuova Vita (New Life), which is a thriving church planted by TEAM missionaries 25 years ago. The music was, of course, in Italian, but it was familiar. The sermon was from Philippians chapter 2, and though it also was in Italian, we had a young man, Paul, translate for us. It was quite a unique experience to worship with believers here in Bologna. Even though there was a language barrier it was still the Church getting together to worship an dig into God's word.

Afterwords we found a small Piazza (square or plaza) and took the opportunity to pray for and with David on some specifics. As we sat in the shadow of a church that is hundreds of years old we shared our impressions and what had touched us. We prayed for Davids ministry, for the relationships he is developing, for the language struggles and for opportunities. We prayed for encouragement for him and Nicole an that God would use them to spark a revival here in Bologna. God is still in the business of miracles, and that is what we are praying for here, something that goes beyond what we could expect or imagine and that brings glory and honor to the name of Jesus.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, they have sustained us through the many miles we have walked.


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