Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a little mud....

Today was a good day. We are still facing problems with rain but a little mud never hurt anyone!!

Our dirt did not arrive but we were able to level the ground clean out the rock and prepare the garden for the top soil and grass.

What fun we had at the nurseries. We bought 2 benches, two concrete chairs pots and plants.

I had no idea the gardening world was so complex!! The names of some of these plants have no translation. So I just rely on Ray's old phrase, "planta verde" which sounds good but it means green plant!

Cindy got to visit with Terezinha, the lady who makes the pots and God gave us the opportunity to talk with a group of medical students.

They wanted to know why we were here and we were able to tell them that Gd had sent us to plant and let people know that the One who created the plants has a plan for our lives.

We find ourselves praying and expecting. There have been so many answers to prayer and we know it is because you are praying and covering us in prayer.

Pray for sunny days on Monday and Tuesday and that the concrete truck arrives on time Tuesday morning.

He is good all the time.


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