Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 1: Connecting With Faith

Start Spreadin' the News! The Big Apple Adventure has started in Cape Town!
Today we began the first day of "Holiday Club" (it's not called VBS here) in 5 different townships. Reports from all sites were great and things seemed to run smooth for both the morning children's clubs and afternoon teen clubs. For all 5 sites combined there were about 550 in attendance and we hope there are more on Tuesday (after they tell their friends about it!).
Today we helped the children and teens learn how to connect with FAITH through the story of the Roman Centurion who believed that Jesus could heal his servant. Each team helped explain what it means to have faith--to believe and trust in something even when you can't see it.

Also, the dynamic duo of a "handyman" team (Bill & Michael) got started on building a shed on the campus of Living Way. According to them, it was quite interesting to try and put posts in the ground without concrete and just use sand... : )

A fun little thing that happened for me (Amy) today in Masi. I was walking out of the location where we did our morning club and heard someone yell my name. It was children in the street with whom I had been with on previous mission journeys to Masi. They did not come to club today but will hopefully be there on Tuesday. One of them was even wearing an Outrigger Island t-shirt from the first time we did Holiday Club in 2008! For me, it was a little reminder from God of the impact that can happen with children even when you make a commitment to be with them for just one week out of a year!

Tuesday we will teaching about "Connecting with Love" through the story of a woman who showmed much love for Jesus. Please pray for the children to return and to bring friends with them and they will understand what God's great love is all about!

--Amy Carter


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