Friday, October 14, 2011

Israel Day 1 - Antipatris

Antipatris was a city built by Herod the Great and named in honor of his father... This city served as a fortress and major strategic points in battles between the Egyptians, Israelites and Philistines in the Bronze and Iron Age, until it fell into ruin prior to Herod's rebuilding. The city was destroyed by an earthquake but that doesn't mean that 2000 year old roads wouldn't still be there, does it??? Cause they are...

From Exodus to Peter, many of the ruins and the roads have withheld the battles of man and the battles of natural disaster which is a perfect comparison to the withholding of our lives in God's hands. Not to mention, the glory or demise of one era was the foundation of another era. Ruins are constantly built upon because of their secure foundation.

How much of that is true in our lives? No matter the battles our lives endure, a firm foundation in Him will only leave ruins that people will stand in awe of and come from thousands of miles away to see... And others in the family of God get to constantly build on top of. Sing this with us... "The church's one foundation is Jesus..."


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