Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 5: Connecting with L-I-F-E

Our final day of holiday club began with lots of sunshine and warm tempatures. I have been serving in the Overcome Heights township and most of our club is held outside. Before we even arrive the kids start coming and today at least 20 children were there to greet us. They were excited. Not only is it a beautiful Spring morning but they know us better after 4 days together. They know the songs we will sing. They know the motions to the songs, the bible stories, the crafts and fun games that are also going to be part of this final day. To top it off it's parents day at our site and they are eager for their families to come and see what they have been doing all week long.

Our Life Skill Educators immediately begin playing music and the outdoor games begin. Within 30 minutes there are 105 children playing, singing and being loved on by BBC folks and the LSE staff. There are 5 of us in all but we work together as a team and are each motivated by one goal: to connect these children to Jesus Christ.

Amy Carter, BBC Childrens Minister and our superb team leader prayed this scripture with us this week: Psalm 78:4b 'we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.' This is our goal; both American volunteer and South African Life Skill Educator.

The children are more enthusiastic today than any other day of the week. They sing in earnest and strive to remember each word and movement. They are eager to answer any questions the leaders ask and listen intently to the bible stories. It's the final day of this Big Apple Adventure and they know this.

This is my 5th year to serve in Cape Town with Living Hope. My 5th year to come with Brentwood Baptist to serve alongside Living Hope staff in their goal to break despair and offer hope to all in the name of Jesus. I continue to be called to this place because of the incredible evidence I see of the Holy Spirit changing lives both here in South Africa and also through the lives of those who come to serve.

I've worked in the same place all three years; with the same young adults who are the Life Skill Educators, most of who are in their early 20's. Their spiritual growth and increased confidence in their abilities to lead these children is a direct result of their commitment to the Lord.

Our entire group from Brentwood debriefs each evening and Friday nights are always my favorite. Each person is asked to share how they sense the Holy Spirit has worked in their lives through this week of service. It is powerful to be a first hand witness to what the Lord is doing in so many lives.

A mission trip experience is hard to describe in such a brief space. New friendships have begun, fellowship has been enjoyed, the beauty of a new country has been discovered. But most important children have been introduced to Jesus, teens have been challenged to commit to Jesus and adults are becoming sold out for Jesus. My invitation to anyone reading this blog is to please come experience it for yourself!


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