Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the Garden...

A morning spent traveling to Bethlehem and Jerusalem... Although Israel's landscapes and skylines have drastically changed since the first century, one thing hasn't... dirty feet! You can be sure that if you're wearing flip flops or sandals in this country, you will have to come home and wash your feet!!!

As the wind blows the dust across the country from side to side, you can't help but ponder on the moment Jesus washed the disciples' feet and what an honor that was.

On top of the Mount of Olives, you stand and look out to a perfect view of the sealed Eastern Gate and rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus will return and split that Gate open! Come, Lord Jesus, come... We walked to the Garden of Gethsemane and sang about the blood of Jesus knowing that our story as believers doesn't end with His blood on the cross, but His resurrection!


Deborah Payne said...

Praying for the team and loving the pics you have sent along the way. God's blessings to you all and safe travels home.
(Karren's sister)

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